What does “unplugging” look like to you?

Do you put your phone in the other room for a few hours and spend some time alone or with loved ones?

Do you shut everything off...tv, computer, phones, etc. and embrace the silence for any given amount of time?

No matter your approach, the important thing is to have some time in your day that is just for you.

This is of course where it gets tricky as we have now have become so dependent on technology for entertainment that when we do attempt to unplug and be present in our minds/bodies without a phone in front of our faces we feel (I feel) out of whack and feigning for constant stimulation.

I would like to be able to say that I gracefully take time to unplug, but just is not always the case!! It certainly was not the case when I attempted to unplug during a weekend away with my hubby.  We were even looking forward to unplugging, after all we did pick a yurt out in the middle of “nowhere” in Gateway, CO.

But I found myself wanting to check my emails, Instagram, the weather, the news, etc. but there was no point because we had zero cell service and no internet!!! I should have just left my phone in the car.

Instead I kept going for it, I had an incessant need to be doing something, anything!

Once I realized how reliant I had become on my phone and all the damn apps that entertain me during the day I knew I truly needed that mini vacation away from all the distractions, that I really needed to unplug and reconnect with myself and my spouse.

What I experienced:
1. I felt less stressed/anxious.
3. I felt content.
4. I felt grateful.
5. I felt satisfied.
6. I felt like the day was mine, I had more time to do all the things I love.
7. I felt connected to myself and loved it.
8. I felt connected to my husband and it was ok...just kidding! It was amazing, I do like himī¸ after all!
9. I felt present.

Try it for yourself! Start small or go big, it is your call, you won’t regret it.
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With Light & Love,