Does sitting in your backyard checking out the flowers and watching your chickens enjoy some yard time count as self-care?! Hells to the yes it does!!! Self-care does not have to be a structured habit, it doesn’t need a time limit, (although we do need to put aside time for it) and it doesn’t need to cost anything.
Self-care is whatever you make it and whatever you need in that moment. Take/make some time today for yourself to just be present in the moment. Fight the urge to make a mental list of all the things you need to get done this weekend. Instead take several deep breaths and enjoy some down time. If being outdoors is your thing find a good spot to soak up some sunshine  and smell the spring air! Don’t forget the sunblock! If it’s chilly in your neck of the woods sit in a comfy chair near a window or bundle up and head outdoors anyway for some nature therapy!

With Light & Love,