We all have days that are “shittastic”, days where roadblocks seem to come up at every turn and nothing goes according to plan. The “I should have stayed home kind of day”! But what if those blocks are intentionally routing us in a new and better direction and we only need to adjust our view?

For example, in my frustrated, “hey that asshole just cut me off” moments I am trying to look at things in a new way, take a different perspective! Maybe that “asshole” was rushing to the hospital to visit a loved one, or maybe they would have been fired if they were late for work, or maybe their cutting me off in traffic slowed me down just enough to avoid a car accident!

Who knows but I tell you what, when I operate from the perspective that the person was not out to cause intentional harm I feel a lot better. My blood pressure does not spike, my mood isn’t negatively impacted because I’m not yelling and waving my hands in rude gestures!! I honestly didn’t mean to go on a #stoproadrage rant but we should stop that shit!

Sometimes taking a step back, moving forward, and/or changing angles is all you need to see a new side or to get a new perspective.

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With Light & Love,