Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Our holiday season may look different than ever before, and honestly it should feel/look different as we have all been through one hell of a year.  A year that proved we can’t get hung up on the unknowns because there will be many.  A year that shook our entire planet, not just our little piece of earth here in Colorado.  A year where many of us either personally or peripherally faced financial hardships in our families.  A year of massively thirsty forest fires.  A year where many of us lost loved one to illness, old age, accidents, and COVID.  A year where many of us experienced an array of symptoms related to COVID including depression, anxiety, heartache, stress, worry, and some may have even had it.  A year where many of use became full time teachers all while keeping up with our regular routines; full time jobs, housekeeping and cooking.  A year where many of use welcomed in new family members both two and four legged.  A year where many of us learned new skills in a pinch like mask making and got real creative with simple meals to avoid going back to the grocery store a hundred times a week.  A year where many of us had to cancel special family visits/trips.  A year where many of us started limiting our toilet paper squares while using the restroom because we never knew when toilet paper would be available at the store again!


Although, this year may not have been what of any of us planned or hoped for in 2020, what it did show us is that we are all RESILIENT!  That we can all overcome any obstacle no matter how big or small and that we all should have invested in Zoom! J


It is easy for 2020 to go down in flames as one of our toughest most destructive years AND/OR it can be the year that showed us all what is truly important; our connection to each other!


No one can say what 2021 will bring but I know in my heart that as long as we stick together, love fully, and lead from a place of compassion that we will make it through.


Wishing you all very Happy Holiday Season that is filled with light, love and peace!