A full radiant moon is a perfect time to release all that no longer serves us. It is a time to clear out all the negative energy in our bodies and minds so it can be replaced with positive manifestations and high vibing love and peace!

Our glowing moon has the power to energize us and soothe our emotions and will put us in alignment with our higher self while we explore new ways to connect with her full loving energy. Dive into this lovingly curated Full Moon Ritual Kit and discover each item’s energetic possibilities!

Each kit is crafted with love, light and peace and would make a perfect gift for any moon loving wild child!

Moon Kit Includes:
Moonstone mala bracelet with charm
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Black Tourmaline
4” White Sage Smudge Stick (sustainable grown)
4” Palo Santo Stick (sustainably sourced, fair traded from Peru)
White Soy Candle in clear glass holder
Detailed Full Moon Ritual with manifestation prompts
Full Moon Mini Journal ~ perfect for journaling and writing out intentions/manifestation

*Plus a freebie!*

Moonstone mala bracelet: Each bracelet is made with clear elastic stretch cord and mate moonstone beads with a moon or star or hamsa charm.
Bracelet sizes available: Please note in your order which size you prefer.
18 beads (xs)
21 bead (s)
22 bead (m)
23 (m/l)
25 (l/xl)

Natural Mate Moonstone Beads - Deep emotional healer that reduces anxiety bringing inner peace, empathy, insight, and gentle self-expression. Helps facilitate self-healing, self-discovery, and reduces overacting emotionally. Nourishing and rejuvenating; cyclical in nature and reminds us to be reflective. Enhances psychic abilities; activates intuition and lucid dreaming.

Clear Quartz - Cleanses both mind and body to bring clear intentions and expands awareness to higher realms. Dispels negative energy, balances the body, and helps you to attune to your spiritual purpose.

Rose Quartz - Induces love/compassion for others and self. Promotes personal healing and healing in relationships. Removes negative energies and replaces them with a calming, peaceful, and loving vibe.

Selenite - Brings clarity, peace, and calm. Cleansing and purifying properties which dispel negative energy and protect us during our ritual. Place selenite in corners of home to block negative energy and to create a peaceful space. *To cleanse/charge other crystals place them near or on a piece of selenite crystal.*

Black Tourmaline - Wards off and dispels negative energy, a very protective stone that helps you to navigate emotional waters drawn up during the Full Moon. Helps to remove blockages in the mind and body so rational thought and positivity shine.

Fluorite - Grounding, protective and stabilizing stone that clears negative energies. Connects us to universal consciousness and spirit while increasing intuitive abilities, this crystal will allow you to manifest and set intentions in line with your higher self.

Palo Santo Stick - removes negative energies from your life and living space. The calming scent will help you to deepen your awareness/contemplation during meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices. Brings luck and protective energies. Please note that palo santo is not meant to stay lit, it is for quick cleansing and/or ritual and can be relit as often as desired and wafted over your body and/or space.

White Sage Smudge Stick - Burning sage is referred to as “smudging” and can be used to clear negative energy, to protect, heal, bring strength, and peace to your space. It is common to recite a prayer or phrase while smudging yourself/space. Might I suggest “I release and clear negativity from my being and space. I invite protection, strength, peace, and love in its place”.

All crystals are natural raw cut (rough) and unpolished, to preserve the natural beauty of each stone. Each crystal is approximately 1-3 inches each and are in varying colors, shapes and sizes, natural imperfections are in fact perfections!

Boxes are 6L” x 4W” x 3H” and approximately 1-2 pounds.

~ We are not promising healing or increased health, the description above is a summary of traditional use of these crystals. Crystals should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice. Crystals are a supportive tool for reflection, manifestation, and self-care. ~

To prevent fire and serious injury: ALWAYS Burn candle, sage and/or palo santo within sight. Use a bowl or abalone shell to collect ashes from sage/palo santo.Never burn any candle, sage and/or palo santo on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Full Moon Zoom Ceremonies:


  • All ceremonies are held via Zoom and monthly.
  • A 40-60 minute ceremony that includes a few restorative yoga poses, meditation, releasing prompts, journaling and closing prayer.
  • Reminders are posted on Instagram and Facebook page.
  • Donation based