Acknowledge Your Awesome

How often do you sit back and reflect on all that you have accomplished?

How often do you review the positive things or changes you have made in your life?

How often do you acknowledge what makes you awesome?! Personally, I find this hard to do at times and I know I am not alone!

Hell the majority of us can’t even accept a compliment let alone compliment ourselves.

We spend so much time focusing on all the things we want to change or don’t have that we don’t always see all the progress or all that we do have in our lives.

And if we do see the changes (emotionally/physically/spiritually, etc.) we rarely give ourselves the hearty pats on the back that we so deserve!

All the more reason to take a few minutes to tell ourselves (myself included) what bad asses we are and how proud we are of where we are at in this moment.

Right now, as is!

Acknowledge your awesome!!

list the things/areas you are currently rocking at and try the following!

Look yourself in the eye, seriously it’s crazy  impactful to talk to yourself in a mirror!! Now say something nice to yourself, anything!

Might I recommend... “I am awesome, I am proud of where I am at, and I am doing my best!” Sit with it.

Don’t run from the mirror!
Notice how it feels to acknowledge yourself.
Journal about it.
Think on it.
And repeat on the regular.

This exercise brought up some serious emotions for me.

1. I got misty eyed just acknowledging myself (gonna need to dive deep into that one! #journaling
2. It felt good but scary.
3. I realized I don’t spend enough time acknowledging my awesome but do spend time overthinking all the changes I need to implement now.

My take away...I need to focus on having more compassion for myself and up my self-care!

Give this a go, I know it isn’t easy but it’s worth it!!


With Light & Love,