Align Your Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit


"Am I too [blank] to do yoga?"

Ignore whatever excuse you just came up with. Yoga is perfect for all ages, body types and fitness levels. And since it requires no special equipment, yoga is easy to do indoors and outside.

Relieve Stress. Move Your Body. Calm Your Racing Thoughts.

Yoga offers so many wellness benefits

Yoga has been used since ancient times for mindfulness, balance and exercise, so it's not surprising that it has gained popularity in the United States. If you're curious what all the buzz is about, sign up for a group or private session with Be Loving Yoga.

We teach four types of yoga:

Vinyasa (active style)
Restorative (relaxation)
Slow flow
Yin (deep stretching)

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Yoga in the Park

Do sun salutations while soaking up the sun.

Private Sessions

Practice mindfulness in the comfort of home.

In-Home Yoga Parties

Invite your friends to a group yoga session.

Corporate Events

Improve employee productivity and morale.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Guided Mindfulness and Meditation

Owner Jessica Walker enjoys being active and fell in love with yoga in 2014. After completing 200 hours of training and earning her yoga certification in February 2020, she started Be Loving Yoga to make yoga more accessible to residents in the Johnstown, CO area.

With her help, you'll learn...

  • How yoga can strengthen your body and mind
  • How to hold a pose and focus on your thoughts
  • What you can do on your own to stay grounded and mindful


Jessica is licensed, insured and registered with Yoga Alliance.